Marty Rathbun Confirms He’s Anti-LRH Once Again

Marty Rathbun has been trying for several years to brand himself as someone who is pro-LRH and pro-Scientology, yet takes every opportunity to throw both under the bus. In fact, he seeks out opportunities to do so. He is not a passive commentator on those who degrade LRH. He is an active supporter and in fact instigator of such efforts.

He travels to Germany and conducts a press conference with Ursula Caberta who has made a career out of trying to suppress Scientology, is on an outright campaign to outlaw any use of LRH Tech, and ensure that anyone practicing Scientology is not hired by German companies. Rathbun endorses her broadly and publicly and congratulates her on her “work.”

Caberta’s insistence that executives of German companies attest in writing that “neither me nor my employees have been trained in the technology of L. Ron Hubbard and do not attend courses and/or seminars based on the technology of L. Ron Hubbard” is nothing short of a modern day book-burning, like that of the Nazis in 1933.

John Sweeney of BBC compiles a thorough hatchet job on Scientology, LRH and degrades our sacred materials and Rathbun not only contributes to the program but praises it afterwards.

Rathbun considers it fine journalism when the New Yorker magazine ignores facts and instead re-hashes and resurrects long disproven lies and misrepresentations of LRH, slander his reputation, and mocks LRH as a person. Rathbun contributes actively in his interviews with the magazine.

Rathbun’s “brother” (Tony Ortega) at an obscure porn rag and teenage prostitution advertising billboard trashes LRH Tech, upper level data, and anything and everything he can find to slander LRH and Scientology for months, and when this publisher finally drops his big boom on LRH himself, Rathbun feigns surprise and disagreement and issues an effete open letter of “agree-to-disagree,” still pretending to be “pro” LRH, and an adherent of his miraculous discoveries.

Even after that embarrassing treatment, Rathbun continues to feed his abuser alarming anti-Church fodder, behaving like a sniveling publicity addict, happy to still have some press outlet – any outlet at all – that will listen to his entheta output, and help forward Rathbun’s destructive agenda.

Further proving that there is no bottom to the barrels Rathbun will scrape for help in trying to destroy LRH, Rathbun announces his long friendship with Mark Bunker, and even cites him as a mentor and pleads for his base to lend him financial support. Bunker is well known as a degrader-for-hire who has spent many years issuing volumes of truly disgusting innuendo and joker degrader venom against LRH personally. Yes, this is the same Bunker who wrote and “published” a joker-degrader mockery of the book, Dianetics, and the Tech within.

Now we find Rathbun going to bat for other joker-degraders who worked so hard to mock LRH and the upper level data that their effort comprised nothing less than an all-out attack on LRH and Scientology, and an effort to discredit and destroy both.

But true to a 1.1’s covert action, Rathbun turns his venom on the Church and gets others to attack it for wanting to defend LRH against such treatment and mockery.

We know that the direct purpose of jokers-degraders is intentional destruction.

LRH says,
“In some cultural areas, wit and humor are looked upon as a healthy release. However, in the case of orgs, this was not found to be the case. Intentional destruction of the org or fellow staff members was the direct purpose…

“Humor is one thing. Destroyed orgs and human beings are quite something else.”
—LRH, Jokers and Degraders

But this was predictable because Rathbun, by his actions, is a dedicated degrader, albeit without the humor.

Why would Rathbun stick with the absurd falsehood that he is not actively anti-LRH, and reiterate the lie continually, despite constantly contradicting it by his actions in supporting and promoting every LRH-degrader he can scrape up?

Because his launch pad (and safe point) was a group of apostate former Scientologists who hold the position – to this day – that they are adherents of LRH and the technology he devised and discoveries he made. These same people even comprise a core of financial support for Rathbun so he doesn’t have to get a real job and work. That is one thing that Rathbun cannot do – work an honest day’s work.

Anything he says is twisted, not only against the Church but LRH himself. Rathbun inserts himself into the Tech like a high priest, discussing and interpreting LRH’s words and principles in an ongoing effort to keep everyone convinced that he is “on Source.”

“The apparency is somebody’s pretense to know from me more than is on the tapes and in books and mimeos, or, brutally, somebody’s alter-is of materials. This looks like a “hidden data line.” It surely isn’t.”

—LRH, The Hidden Data Line

And like easily-led lemmings, this base of bigoted thinkers clearly doesn’t even notice the 180-degree chasm that exists between Rathbun’s words and actions.

We have a long history, going back to day one practically, of squirrels doing their worst to degrade the tech of freeing other beings, and many have worked just as hard to drag LRH through the mud.

But there is not one in that long history who has taken as many actions to vilify LRH the man and Founder of Scientology as Marty Rathbun. Even the more famous enemies of Scientology, and the most renowned squirrels in that long history, haven’t measured up to Rathbun’s attempts to degrade LRH in quantity or volume. They are not even on the same scale.

And none of them have pretended, like Rathbun does still, to NOT be doing exactly what he IS doing.

Marty Rathbun is just another suppressive attacking LRH.