Marty Rathbun: Creating Critics

Another day, another criticism of Scientology by Marty Rathbun.

LRH says, Out Ruds are easy to spot. The person with an ARC break, won’t talk or is misemotional or antagonistic. A problem produces fixed attention. Natter and 1.1 remarks means a withhold.

Does Rathbun seem ARC broken or misemotional or antagonistic? Does his attention seem to be fixed on something or someone? Does he natter or make 1.1 remarks?

Okay, I’ll admit that those are rhetorical questions. Suffice it to say Marty’s ruds are out. They are out in a big way with Scientology and the Church, and certainly with management. And his natter and 1.1 remarks are just incessant. While I don’t recommend anyone read his writings, I will say I dare you to find some comm of his about the Church that isn’t natter, 1.1 or both.

As Minerva and some commenters pointed out here recently, there doesn’t seem to be anything about the Church of Scientology that Rathbun doesn’t natter about and criticize.

But why don’t the people around him call him on that? Surely there must be ONE reasoning person around him that sees how insane and obsessive that all is. Surely SOME of the people who listen to him have to point out that it’s NOT “all bad over there,” don’t they?

So why don’t they?  (I mean aside from the fact that he brutally squashes any departure from his viewpoints and invites his robots to help squash any variation from his cult’s propaganda – i.e. aside from the fact that they fear his personal savagery.)

Mutual Out Ruds:

This means two or more people who mutually have ruds out on the wider group or other dynamics and do not get them in.


Let’s not give too much credit for rationality to those who listen to Marty’s daily criticisms, or actively contribute to them. They are also out-ruds. And those who are mutual out ruds with Rathbun and others who have committed numerous suppressive acts under the guise of declaring themselves “independent,” are no angels.

This follows a history of undeclared transgressions that got them in the out ruds situation in the first place that snowballed into (or better, dwindled into) them going along with a campaign of criticisms, justifications, motivators, and suppressive acts committed in order to prove to Marty that they really are part of his cult of personality. They’ve already individuated themselves from the group they once gave their allegiance to, but withdrew. Now, they are stuck with Rathbun and have nowhere else to go. It’s their mutual out ruds that are the glue that keeps their fragile little association from falling apart in the slightest breeze.

They are not going to get their mutual out ruds handled if Marty has anything to say about it. In fact, there’s lots of evidence that Rathbun encourages the out ruds among his sycophants, even in session. Try to find one of his “PC’s” success stories that doesn’t criticize the Church as part of their “wins.”

This is yet another perversion of the technology that has become one of Rathbun’s trademarks.

And those who go mutual out ruds with him have just begun to become his tools.