Marty Rathbun: Daily Destruction

Have you ever wondered why Marty Rathbun continually alters the Tech, situations, his memory, his reports of events, and so on?

The all-too-easy answer would be that he is simply a degraded being and must do so. While that may be true however, at the heart of Rathbun’s daily operating basis is his intention to destroy.

Just that. And he does it through obsessive alter-is. Not surprisingly, the suppressives he attracts can be seen to display the same phenomenon. Ever see Mike Rinder do anything in a straight-forward way, telling the truth without any alter-is?

Ever seen Mark Bunker issue any communication without a twist? Would you trust Graham Berry to present facts without twisting them? The California courts won’t.

Ever wonder what’s behind Steve Hall’s coy smile? Or Almblad’s bloodshot eyes?

You can look at Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder and all their closest friends and allies, and rarely if ever would you hear anything without alter-is in it, rarely if ever hear an accurate description of events. There is always beneath all of their alter-is, the intention to destroy.

It is what they do.

Here is an excerpt from LRH lecture of 18 November 59 that clearly indicates what Rathbun is up to and why.


“Probably the worst squirrel operation in the world ever happened in Scientology — down in Los Angeles. And the fellow down there — one-time writer, oddly enough, had been an enemy of mine for years (and publicly a friend, but privately one of the worst enemies). Editors used to show me occasional letters, you know, and say, “What’s this guy got against you?” See, you know he’d write in and comment to editors on my stories and all sorts of things like this, you know. Of course, when he came into Dianetics and Scientology, he had too many overts. He was just riding on top of these overts. And he’d like to be inside but he’s got to be outside, because there’s just too many overts, you know.

          It doesn’t matter what you try to do with this fellow, he’s still got overts, overts, overts. Got the idea? So therefore, he has to dream up motivators to explain his overts. And they’re inexplicable, except for this. I used to make more money faster than he ever dreamed of in writing. And occasionally he would get a letter from an editor saying, “I’m very, very sorry, your novel has been rejected. You’ll have to send it someplace else because we didn’t think you were going to send it and Hubbard sent us one and we’re printing his.” See?

Now you get something like that going on, there’s practically no way to reach it with an auditing session. Overts, overts, overts. You get the idea?

Well, this results in alteration and Alter-isness. The basis of destruction is Alter-isness. And when somebody would like to destroy you, but can’t, all he can do is alter-is you. Got the idea.

Oh, we see this in various ways. Entheta, you see. Here’s an auditor sitting in an area doing all right. Some other auditor isn’t doing all right, so they start accumulating overts against this auditor that is doing all right. The next thing you know, the person committing the overts gets madder and madder at the auditor. This fellow has never done anything, you understand, to this other guy. Maybe even sent him some pcs. And the more that B does to A, the more overts, overts, overts pile up into the more anger, anger, anger. You got the idea? It’s a one-man fight. There’s no other fight going on over here, see?

Boy, it begins to look like a cyclone is happening in this vicinity. This fellow goes to bed at night and bites the pillow, you know, and screams to himself, you know. And while auditing a pc or something like that — lets out little yips occasionally. And this is Alter-isness.

          Destruction as we know it, in war or in anything else, is simply Alter-isness of the creation. It is not the cessation of creation — it is the Alter-isness of the existing creation. 

          That’s why I’ve been talking to you about busted pagodas, you know, and broken ashtrays and all that sort of thing, you see. Actually, the ashtray is still being created, because its fragments are still there. But somebody has alter-ised the creation, you see. And they call that destruction. And when done very, very, very spectacularly, they call it war.

          But Alter-isness — Alter-isness is the keynote of all destruction.   

          And any person who has a great many overts against another person starts trying to alter-is. Get the idea? He starts to alter-is the other person. He alter-ises anything the other person is doing. You see? He alter-ises anything the other person thinks. He alter-ises any other thing the other person has as a reputation and so on. And it adds up to basically what looks like destruction. And this basically is caused or can be caused by no more than an overt. In other words, you get this silly situation where one overt breeds another overt, which breeds another overt, which breeds another overt, which brings about a bad opinion.”

Keep this in mind when you watch what Rathbun and friends do, or hear what they say. It’s just about all the tech you need.