Marty Rathbun: Desecrator

Marty Rathbun is an individual dedicated to the desecration of religion.

Privately (one could say surreptitiously) Marty Rathbun’s alterations of tech – squirreling – is sometimes subtle: he doesn’t keep written record of his behind-closed-doors counseling so that what he has actually done cannot be reviewed by peers.

His squirreling in sometimes gross: he uses advanced technical actions on people unprepared for them, in an effort to electrify and impress his victims, some of whom have come forth afterwards and reported it.

Publicly, Marty Rathbun occasionally takes exalted spiritual principles and discoveries, and not understanding them (and certainly not wanting them understood by others,) alters and reduces them to banal everyday aphorisms so as to dilute their effectiveness or usability by others to advance themselves spiritually. He also does this to cover for his ignorance, his lack of understanding. He even does this with other religions, such as Buddhism and the Tao. Marty Rathbun knows nothing of spirituality, having spent 3 decades proving to himself that it is not for him; he knows he is in fact incapable of spiritual advancement.

These are the actions of a Suppressive Person, one who is compelled to hold others down so he won’t be overwhelmed by their advancement. We have seen this type of individual around us all our lives. The schoolteacher who squashes any glimmer of originality in his students, but hammers into them a rote repetition of data and ideas presented. The civil servant who ruthlessly enforces and devises burdensome regulations that are designed to stop production and progress. The bully who steals other schoolkids’ lunch money. The silent, smirking friend behind him who gets others to do his dirty work for him.

Less noticeable to us are those Suppressive personalities who present a masquerade of “help,” when in fact their motive is only ultimate destruction.

One of the best examples being the Psychiatrist who purports to “help” his patients with drugs, shock treatments and neuro-surgery, like the barbaric “practitioners” of the Dark Ages.

Marty Rathbun is such a one. Under the cloak of “helping” others and “saving” religion, his only motive is destruction, covertly or overtly.

Marty Rathbun is caught in a vicious cycle.  He is caught in a frantic back-and-forth between his own desire to get better so he won’t be so beset by his own demons, but forced by his terror of others getting better to commit the continual, suppressive actions against his fellows that keep him from being able to advance in the first place.

He is like a pitiful rat or squirrel spinning around in his cage, ultimately going nowhere, but looking frantically active.

This is the image of a “Squirrel” in Scientology. He goes around and around and gets nowhere. He cannot help but alter and desecrate the spiritual knowledge and technology that could help him, because to not do so would enable others to be helped also, something he cannot afford under any circumstance.

Marty Rathbun is a Squirrel. I capitalize Squirrel here because he is a prototypical one. Although there have been a number of squirrels stretching back to the beginnings of Dianetics and Scientology, Rathbun shows all the attributes of squirreling, and then some. It’s as though he surveyed all the most stark actions of past religious desecrators, and decided to adopt them as his inspiration. He is even active in a charade in which he pretends to adhere to the Scientology Tech, but behind closed doors alters it knowingly and often horribly.

Technically, we know that the fact is that Marty Rathbun is incapable of duplicating the Tech and applying it exactly. Because of his mental condition, he is incapable of being true to it and not altering it. One could truthfully say that this is what Marty Rathbun is; an alterer and desecrator of spiritual technology. He cannot change this no matter how deeply and widely he “applies” what he knows of the Tech to himself. He is not addressing the real malady which causes him to suppress others, and until he does that, he will never get anywhere, but will remain stuck in his frantic back-and-forth.

Unfortunately, Marty Rathbun is bound to attack the very technology and organization that could help him, Scientology. His everyday actions preclude him from ever being able to avail himself of that help.

And you will see if you look, that Marty Rathbun is engaged in desecrating any religion or spiritual advancement principles that might appear to him to be effective in helping others.