Marty Rathbun: Manipulator

It’s been well established that Marty Rathbun is psychotic.

What’s not so widely recognized is that he is incapable of true help. Closer observers have seem him rant, talk to himself, seethe with hatred, become violent and abusive, threaten and bully others, and spit quite a lot. Marty Rathbun likes spitting, especially on people.

Most people, however, haven’t looked closely enough at him to see all this. All they have seen of Marty Rathbun is his false façade, his words and his writings, most of which is dedicated to his own false image.

They don’t see the destruction disguised as “help.” Rathbun has taken pains to see that what he does to PCs behind closed doors never gets reviewed by peers or any technical supervisors. He doesn’t even keep worksheets.  He’s asserted again and again that he doesn’t pull withholds in session, and by contrast, his daily back and forth on his blog validates peoples withholds, overts and motivators. His product seems only to be people who write stilted, pre-scripted, and usually theetie-weetie “success” stories, and those are few and far between, but they are all crafted in the direction of trying to make Marty Rathbun look like something he is not.

His idea of a product in marriage counseling is broken marriages, infidelities, and enturbulations and chaos among relatives. Curiously, most of these cycles have financial benefit for Rathbun. Yet he promotes them as missions of mercy.

Most of Rathbun’s PC’s have sought their own kind of mercy, by leaving Rathbun’s clutches not to return, or by reverting to drugs, engaging in wild out-ethics activity, or deciding that they never need any more “auditing.”

Still, they served Marty Rathbun’s purposes for a while.

Yes, all of his apparencies of help either “help” his pocketbook or the image he tries to promote to others, or both. People hear Marty Rathbun give his self-aggrandizing accounts of his squirrel auditing and counseling, but never notice how he has manipulated people and events for his own personal gain, either financial or image-wise, or both.

His deceived counseling victims know the truth about how Marty Rathbun manipulates people for his own interests. They also know how they have no one to turn to after it happens. They have declared themselves excommunicated from the Church, and they cannot tell fellow Rathbun-cult members for fear of ostracism and attack.

But they know they have been used. Some of them actually came to Marty Rathbun in good faith but now cannot reconcile his recent alliances with other well known psychotics who are openly dedicated to the destruction of Scientology altogether. These have been slowly and silently drifting away from Rathbun, having been manipulated and betrayed by him, which has been his pattern for decades. Others see these perverse, suppressive attachments Marty Rathbun has made, and still act hypnotized into thinking there must be something constructive in mind behind it somehow; there must be some rationality behind such an obvious contradiction between what Rathbun says and what he does.

But there is none. Marty Rathbun is a controlled being. He is a suppressive, and his operating basis is that of manipulating others toward his own ends, and his true intentions are destruction only. His attachment with obvious and notorious SPs – and there is no doubt in any quarter that they are anti-social personalities – is Marty Rathbun’s true nature showing, no matter how he tries to explain it away.

This is what LRH has to say about Marty Rathbun and his ilk:

“… he would not help his fellow man if his own life depended upon it-he would rather perish.”

 “This being is difficult to spot because he does not, ordinarily, fling himself about and make scenes. He is often entirely emotionless, completely coldblooded and apparently perfectly controlled. The control, however, is only apparent, as this being is in the grip of a force far more powerful than himself and is a thoroughly controlled being. He or she must destroy and must not help or assist in any way.”