Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder – Selling Fear

Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder, in a recent posting, show how utterly degraded they have become.  It seems every time we turn around, more evidence surfaces of their complete prostitution of their integrity for personal gain.

Donations must be declining, and the pittance from Caberta can’t take them very far. Now they are trying to promote a criminal personality by the name of Robert Almblad as being some kind of a philanthropist who is “saving lives” with an invention he’s trying to sell… when in fact, he’s been trying to destroy lives by way of Rathbun and Rinder, albeit from behind the scenes.

Robert Almblad has been paying Mike Rinder for the last year and a half to attack COB and Scientology as his full time occupation.  Why?  He is a criminally inclined individual who has defrauded many Scientologists (and others) out of large sums of money, and who is bothered by the fact that they still want to be repaid and are exposing him.  “The Criminal Mind relentlessly seeks to destroy anyone it imagines might expose it.”  LRH

But that’s only the surface “why.” Beneath that, Almblad is a very covert individual who was expelled and declared after admitting that he was part of a plot “to bug offices of senior Church members as part of a scheme to try and take control of the Church.”

So, trying to undermine and destroy the Church is nothing new to Almblad.

Marty and Mike obviously have some plans to start white-washing Almblad in the public’s eye – my guess is that they hope to parade him in front of the media as a victim – which is why they are trying to rapidly build him some kind of a positive image.

They are also clearly trying to set things up so that, when his latest “venture” fails, they can blame the Church for its failure – and not the get-rich-quick scammer who is promoting it.  This of course is just another way to use the “invention” to get-rich-quick and sounds like a Graham Berry bright idea to sue the Church.

Who is Almblad, really? You don’t have to search far to find out. He’s an individual who has taken to using a different name, Robert August, because his reputation in investments has been so damaged by his own past shady dealings.

If this all sounds out-to-lunch, then wait until you understand the philanthropic invention that is “saving lives.”

The invention he’s building his latest out-exchange venture around is “safe ice,” which is to say, pure ice.

Notwithstanding the fact that there are millions of cubic miles of pure ice on this planet, Almblad is trying to tout an invention that does nothing more than can be done with soap and common sense.

How do they promote this white elephant? With fear.

Marty and Mike cite some study in which it is claimed that ice can kill you because it can have germs on it.  Actually, they don’t cite the study at all but just allude to a study some schoolboy did which “proved” that the ice you get in fast food places is contaminated with germs.  Based on this “study” Almblad’s invention is a “life saver”.

I just looked this up on the web and found exactly what anyone in his or her right mind would expect to find.  NBC did a video on the subject which you can see here

The bottom lines are these.  Yes, one kid did die after getting sick and choking on his own vomit.  The cause of his tummy bug was traced back to ice that had been handled by someone who was ill, and had contaminated it with his germs.  80 other people also got ill from it.

People in fast food and other restaurants can contaminate ice by not using proper hygiene.  The handling?  People who handle ice should use the same hygiene measures as anyone handling food – i.e. WASH YOUR HANDS.  Food, cutlery, napkins, and ANYTHING that can contact the mouth can be contaminated if bad hygiene practices are in effect.

NBC took samples from 20 places where they had seen ice being handled improperly, and of those only ONE showed evidence of contamination.

This is a far cry from the tone of Rat and Rin’s article, which is that people are dying for lack of the “safe ice” invention.  I’d wager that every domestic fridge makes safe ice – either in the freezer using trays or with its ice maker.  And I’d also guess that every one of those machines could also be made to make dirty ice.

But trying to portray this dicey “businessman” as a “humanitarian” is standard Rathbun puffery. Don’t forget that Rathbun is the same abusive, alcoholic snake oil salesman who tries to compare himself to Martin Luther.

It is very telling that Marty and Mike use horror stories to peddle their wares.  It is what people of their tone level do.  They are called Merchants of Fear.  They peddle fear and hope to make a quick buck on the back of it. In Rathbun and Rinder’s case, they hope to ensure the ongoing subsidy that Almblad provides them so they don’t have to get real, productive jobs.

We have all heard similar stories to the ice-scare they tout, and somehow the germ counts are always compared to public toilets.  Peanuts in a bowl in a bar are alleged to have 15 times as many germs as the inside of a public toilet bowl.  Never dry your hands using a hot air blower because they blow out more germs per minute that you would get from drinking the water from 90% of all public toilets.  Never handle money with bare hands because it has been handled by 10,000 people who between them have more than 100,000,000 different germs.

One I remember from school is that every square inch of one’s skin has a million bacteria on it.  (I just googled it and apparently the number of germs per square inch of skin is between 50 million and 500 million!)

I have often eaten a burger after receiving my change from the person at the fast food joint.  It has never made me sick.  I have touched the back of a restaurant chair after washing my hands and before sitting down to eat.  It has never made me sick.

There are enough germs around every one of us to kill us off in short order.  Yet only SOME of us are sick, and only SOME of the time.

Why is that?

LRH answered that (and MANY medical doctors have since) by pointing out that to get sick, people have to be PREDISPOSED to being sick.  It comes under the heading of psychosomatic illness.  Medicos try to explain it under the general heading of “stress.” It is thoroughly explained in Dianetics the Modern Science of Mental Health.  It is also covered under all the texts on PTSness.  The BASICS are full of this concept.  It is in fact part of the Creed of Scientology.

Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder missed this – which is not surprising if you understand that they are Merchants of Fear.  They would have you being afraid of ice, of fast food, of traveling in a cab, plane or train, or having a drink in a bar, of playing ball, stroking a pet, hugging a child, making love, singing into a microphone, breathing and in fact, living. And of anything and everything connected with the Church and management.

They missed the fact that it is the BEING that counts, and that the condition and state of mind of the being is a vastly greater influence on a body’s health than any germs that may be catching a ride on some ice.

It is clear that Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder completely missed the boat on everything LRH stood for.  If they were really interested in helping people avoid illness, they would be supporting Scientology rather than trying to destroy it – not peddling a machine that is trivial, and can’t be marketed because the need isn’t really there for it.

But it’s important to Rathbun and Rinder that Almblad is able to make money somehow, anyhow. They have a serious vested interest.

And what do we end up with? Two scam artists – Rathbun and Rinder – promoting their patron scam artist – Almblad – as a humanitarian, in the hopes that his scam will not appear to be yet another scam, and that they can continue to be supported by their very own Patron Scamitorious.