Marty Rathbun – Mr. “Case on post”

Amongst his recent spate of fabrications and justifiers, Marty Rathbun confuses staff discipline with how a PC is to be audited in session. He complains that staff members aren’t being treated the way a PC is handled by an auditor. He’s hoping that the uninformed (and I include here the “independent” practitioners he pretends to be aligned with) don’t notice that this is just another ignorant twist of his in an effort to criticize and degrade.

Being on staff is NOT, of course, being a PC.  A staff member conducts himself as though he has no case at all. The policy is that “there is no case on post.”  This is basic staff rigor, at any and all levels, and one of the primary reasons that Scientology organizations are as effective as they are.

Rathbun likes to gnaw on this point largely because his conscience is gnawing on himRathbun was and remains notorious for the way in which he mistreated fellow staff whenever COB’s back was turned.

But this also gives us a better glimpse into why Rathbun himself was such a failure on the projects he worked on when he was on staff, and how he would find ways to justify, for example, his waste of many millions of parishioners’ dollars.  Marty wasn’t being an effective staff member because he was being a “PC” on post, and resented not being handled like one  – while, at the same time, working hard to hide the abuse he heaped on others.

Can it be any wonder that he objects so strongly to security checks that uncover what a person is hiding from his group and others?  Rathbun spent a couple of decades hiding the fact that he didn’t understand Scientology basics, and can only try to compare Scientology principles to Psychology texts and principles now, even going so far as to imply that some of them were the unaccredited source of LRH’s discoveries.  Unable to make Scientology work for him, Rathbun reverts to a psychology framework to try and understand life and the mind – or more likely, to try and find an excuse for his own severe aberrations that doesn’t force him to be accountable for his actions.

This and his other criticisms of virtually every pillar of Scientology Technology show that Rathbun never himself got the gains available from an honest understanding and application of the principles of life and the mind that are Scientology. From basic Objective processes, to Advanced Levels (that Rathbun glibly exposed himself to) there is no part of the Technology that Rathbun hasn’t tried to undermine, while posing and promoting himself as the new High Priest of “independent” practice, and the “savior of the subject.”

Even a second-year Psychology major would throw Rathbun’s opinions in the trash bin realizing that he is only reiterating parts of a few texts he’s read and rehashing useless hearsay from those who have never gotten or given real gain despite their solemn academic rhetoric.