Marty Rathbun; Painting Pictures

In painting his picture of the Church and LRH, Marty has to chose what facts to have on his palette to color the canvas, the size and type of his brush strokes, where to sprinkle the fine dusting of truths and where to really plaster the lies, what portions to show in fine detail and which to leave out-of-focus and hazy.  These things all combine to present the overall image he wants to convey.

It is interesting to me, and has been commented on this site many times, that Marty has never illustrated anything good about the Church.  He paints it in a bad light.

In fact, he paints everything about the Church in a bad light – all staff, all orgs, all delivery, all public, all promotion, all strategies – everything, according to Marty, is bad.

None of the work done by CCHR, Criminon, Narconon, ABLE, WISE, or any of the thousands of Volunteer Ministers has ever been of any value.

In his portrayal of the Church, the only ray of light is him.  And Mike Rinder (a little bit.)

Read the below from the chapter The Handling of Truth in Science of Survival, and figure out for yourself what Marty’s preference of facts is and therefore where he is on the Tone Scale.

In common human experience, we all know something about the truth and that we cannot deal in black and white breakdown between the truth and lies.  Truth is concerned in the issuance and acceptance of facts. 

Some people favor truthful facts, some favor facts which are not so truthful, some prefer to twist facts, some prefer to hide facts and some prefer to lie about facts.  Some favor high and powerful facts and some favor only apathetic facts.  As one examines this whole subject, one then discovers that the Tone Scale itself, from 4.0 down to 0.0, postulates the selection of various types of facts.

And that the most reasonable facts are the most constructive ones and that as one falls away down the Tone Scale, the facts selected are less and less rational and more and more contra-survival. 

It could be said that life was made to be lived, not died out of, and that facts which encourage a high level of living would be, for Man, the most truthful facts.  Those things which are truest for Man are, then, those things which most powerfully aid his survival in theta, life and MEST.

This column of the Tone Scale might also be considered the column of preference of facts.

At 4.0 we would have a preference for creative and constructive facts.

Around 3.0 we would have a preference for conservative and less optimistic facts.

At 2.5 we would have a carelessness of facts.

At 2.0 we would have a preference for facts which were twisted well away from truth in order to serve antagonisms.

At 1.5 we would have a preference for destructive facts, twisting all true facts which were constructive so they would become destructive facts.

At 1.1 we would have a preference for artfully twisted facts which hid a desire to destroy.

At 0.5 we would have a failure to select facts, to evaluate them one way or the other, but a preference for hopeless facts. 


Well, what kind of facts does Marty Rathbun prefer?