Marty Rathbun: Psyched Out

I hate to pile on when Marty Rathbun is being so roundly laughed at for his obvious cluelessness when it comes to Scientology, but it’s hard to avoid.

While Marty does his best to slander LRH and Scientology as broadly as he can, he himself is being mocked mercilessly for his dishonesty and his sub-zero responsibility level for his own past despicable actions – particularly by other “independent” practitioners, not just by those of us who do understand Scientology principles and have gotten gain from them.

We’ve all seen Rathbun knowingly pervert and subvert Administrative technology as well as Ethics technology, and it’s  become clearer as time goes on (and according to his own admission) that he now wants to move into his “tech phase” and do the same with Standard Technology.

But where he’s losing even the few who bought into his nonsense in the first place is in his growing embrace of psychology texts and philosophies as his frame of reference. This is Marty’s idea of “workable technology.”

It must be, he thinks, since one of Rathbun’s best “PC’s (and best friends) shook Marty to the core by abjuring Scientology (and any further “auditing” from Rathbun,) and instead referring Marty to a psychology text that has now superceded Rathbun’s shallow understanding of Scientology and become his guiding light. He refers to it and quotes from it liberally, and it’s become part of the core of whatever spinny mass constitutes Rathbun’s understanding of life.

Yet Rathbun still pretends to practice Scientology, declaring level completions, and combining what little he understood of it with what he’s learned from his “cognitive therapist” friends.

He’s even completing his “PC’s” on advanced levels of “mythology” and “metaphors” these days.

I fully expect Marty Rathbun to start looking into his navel soon to find out “what’s wrong.”