The Corrupt Marty Rathbun

The White House has just announced that it declines to address the ARC Break generalities disguised as a petition that Marty Rathbun and his motivating acolytes submitted calling for an invest into government itself for failing to become desperately alarmed over Marty Rathbun’s paranoid ravings.

The Obama Administration had the administrative sanity to recognize Rathbun’s off-line dev-t and put it on a proper line and he madly turns the action into a conspiratorial generality and labels the entire Administration “corrupt.”

Childishly, Marty Rathbun asserts that he never expected it to succeed anyway.

Marty keeps reiterating, and has since the onset of the “brilliant petition strategy”, that he did not originate it.

Criminals have been known to abdicate responsibility for an overt act by claiming, “my hand did it.” In an amusing variation of this phenomenon, Marty Rathbun abdicates responsibility for the failed off-line petition effort by claiming his hand didn’t do it.

This was of course damage-control-in-advance to avoid being seen as the force behind yet another legal screw-up on Marty Rathbun’s part (see Headley case, for example.)

As usual, Marty Rathbun took only an out-of-context excerpt from LRH and twists it into a personal policy to justify his mad actions. LRH does mention in the Bolivar PL that “it is a frightening level of bravery to use men you know can be cruel, vicious, and incompetent.” But he didn’t say this should be the guiding policy of one’s Strategic Plan.

Marty Rathbun hides behind the fact that Berry and Karen de la Carriere were the ones whose hands personally typed the petition (yes, Graham Berry of the 312-page failed-lawsuit fame) and spent a weekend trimming down the wording to fit petition format.

Marty adopts the legal strategy of a lifetime legal loser in the form of Graham Berry and wonders what went wrong?! Or worse, he’s so shocked that the White House doesn’t immediately jump up and act on Berry’s usual vexatious faux-victim whining, that he declares the Administration to be “corrupt” ?!

What next Marty? Are you going to seek Caberta’s advice on personal grooming and artistic presentation?

Or Bunker’s advice on How to Succeed as a videographer?

Or Almblad’s advice on how to be an honest businessman?

But there’s more to it than just trying to avoid looking like a boob. Marty Rathbun is still trying to woo the WWP crowd, some of whom “helped” in this amateurish effort, and prove to them that he is not the lying incompetent that most of them consider him to be.

Thus, Marty Rathbun tries to cover his tracks on yet another failed legal strategy, another foot-bullet, another loud demonstration of his incompetence and inability to get a product. Granted, we know he has no history of accomplishing constructive products, but now it’s becoming clear he can’t even get destructive ones right.

The fact is that Marty Rathbun engineered this sorry play, and it turned out to be just another of his usual failures. Anyone familiar with Rathbun and his repeated overt products will also recognize what he tries next – distraction.

“Look over there,” he insists, “don’t look at me or what I did. THEY did it. THEY’RE the real corrupt incompetents, and they’ll PAY!”

So what is Marty Rathbun’s response to the Administration?
He simply issues a thinly-veiled, general threat, admonishing them to stay tuned to his blog. “You have made an election year error of magnitude.”

(Yeah, right! As if “Don’t cross Marty Rathbun” is at the top of every elected official’s “2012 Do’s and Don’ts” list. Marty, do you have even the slightest clue of how laughable that sounds?)

But that’s classic Marty Rathbun, dramatizing in one fell swoop both his megalomania and his treachery. You see, Marty actively and broadly campaigned for Obama in the last presidential election. He got what he wanted in the way of an Administration. And the moment poor old Barack failed to recognize Marty’s brilliant plan and prove useful to him, in a barely suppressed rage, Marty Rathbun turns his back on Barack and betrays him – all because Psycho Marty didn’t get his way.

Then comes the crowning idiocy. This resounding defeat has humiliated Marty Rathbun in front of his petition signers. So Rathbun makes a final stab at shifting blame for the failure of his ridiculous gambit by employing the silliest stretch you can imagine.

In a non-sequitur appeal he blames his failure on MONEY and Wall Street. It appears that some of Marty’s sockpuppet petition signers were fans of the “Occupy” movement, and he gratuitously throws them a bone of solidarity.

Perhaps when Marty Rathbun is finished with his tantrum, and he is “of a cooler, more rational frame of mind,” he’ll decide to stop his effete, paranoid attacks on the government for not abdicating their responsibility and lining up to join his destructive cult.

But overall Marty shouldn’t feel too deflated. Other, more relevant petitions were also considered but rejected by the White House, including the fight against White-nose Syndrome in bats, the effort to declare the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard an endangered species, and the petition to “Stop lying.”