Marty Rathbun The Primate

One way to get a rise out of Marty Rathbun is to challenge him. Like a primate who will attack you should you look directly into its eyes, Rathbun cannot stand to be faced as he is. He is a stimulus-response creature who will attack as though his very survival has been threatened.

In Rathbun’s case, it has.

Marty Rathbun and his true intentions toward others cannot stand the light of day, cannot stand the sunshine of honest inspection, absolutely cannot abide anything he considers a challenge to his frail image of himself.

Any hint of being questioned or even seen, brings out that stimulus-response animal and Marty Rathbun MUST react, MUST snarl, and MUST attack, even if it means withholding his brutal impulses and running back to his computer where he can safely be as vicious and hurtful as he can without ending up in handcuffs where he belongs. He himself knows – and others around him nervously caution him about it as well– that he can easily snap and physically attack people who face him directly and see him for what he is. So he withholds himself from the physical attacks he’d really like to make and skulks off to his computer.

Marty Rathbun will never really have power because he himself knows he can’t be trusted with it. He has proven to himself what he can and will do when he thinks he won’t be found out, and even he is scared by it. It only scares him more that he is feeling that way in public more and more as time goes on.

He thinks the pressure he is feeling comes from other people and blames them and strikes out viciously at them, when in fact it is coming from his own case. He will not stop committing overts on LRH Tech and Policy long enough to get enough distance from his case to see that.
Most of that pressure comes from his own overts and withholds, especially when they’re so badly missed by people looking at him directly.

So, Marty Rathbun reads a “challenge” on this blog about how he’s not delivering, how failed his own “mission” is, what a desert of help he has created and lives in, and MUST react.

He reacts by assembling some of the silliest “stats” imaginable, as if to tout what a squirrel he actually is.

He “trains” his wife to Class 0 and she delivers a “text book perfect” Life Repair?! How does she deliver Life Repair without knowing O/W tech, Marty? And who “trained” her, Marty? YOU?? You who have no qualifications, no formal training, no C/S training (what C/S sends in a Class 0 auditor in to do a Life Repair? Not ONE that I could find.)

Did you “train” her so well she, too, “doesn’t need to pull withholds?” Did you twist Source references to try and justify that bastardization of the Tech you imparted to her?

You who are thick with withholds and believe that withholds from the Church, and blowing from it therefore, are commendable?

And Marty Rathbun and his new squirrel apprentice say they deliver 34 hours of …what?…squirrelling??? Convincing others that their life is being ruined by someone else? Running NOTS processes on lower-level PC’s? Creating “NOTS completions” without O/W tech? Impressing PC’s with your world-famous acknowledgements of natter and motivators?

Better to have no one in the chair in front of you, Marty, than to continue your off-beat practices, your dedicated alteration of the Tech LRH pioneered and hammered in, your spreading of religious hatred (how many of those PCs have cognited at your hands that the Church/COB are their ruin?) and your delivering of agenda-driven implants that violate the very basic tenets that make real auditing work, as covered in the Axioms.

That’s not much of a Life “repair,” Marty. That’s more like Life Despair. Because you are consigning others to the despair that living based on fundamental lies can only bring.
At some point your victims may cognite that those long unresolved masses that ruin their lives were caused by the lies you implanted, primary among which is that someone else is responsible for their condition. Then they may start to break free of the despair of not having really gotten anywhere in subjecting themselves to your abject and defiant squirrelling. But they will have to separate themselves from your false PR first.

All the manufactured and massaged “stats” in the world cannot hide the facts that you are not qualified to “train” anyone, you are not qualified yourself to deliver real Tech, that what you do “deliver” is neither intended to nor accomplishes as-isness but increases the lies on people’s cases, and is only done to line your own pocketbook and bolster the false image you are pretending is you.

But then pretending is the only thing you’ve ever really been good at, isn’t it, Marty?