Marty Rathbun Wants to Destroy Orgs

There are many things that drive the squirrels and SPs wild, but few that get them to howling quite as much as the Ideal Orgs. They want the orgs destroyed and that is the bottom line.

Here is a good example that illustrates the point. Mark Rathbun and Mike Rinder were recently in London and they went to “see” the new Ideal Org. After standing across the road for 45 minutes where they could see nothing they determined that the org was devoid of public and doing badly. So they took a photo of themselves grinning from ear to ear with the org behind them, and captioned it “Mike and Marty in front of an empty London Ideal Org”, and loudly trumpeted their disdain for Ideal Orgs.

They are completely mistaken about London Org, but that is not the point. (London org is solvent, expanding and turning out better products than it has ever done. It is making many very able people more able, and it has a great team on staff plowing away and determined to make their target of being St Hill size by LRH’s birthday. Sure they have a way to go, and would welcome any and all help, but they are real Thetans and they are actually ‘doing something about it’).

This is the point. Mike and Marty were laughing and clapping because they believed the org was doing badly.

What kind of low toned, bottom feeding thetan would ever do that for any reason? Let alone someone that claims to be a Scientologist.

Orgs are LRH’s creation; they are his solution to getting the Tech out into the community and ensuring the success of Scientology. They are why he wrote the monumental OEC, the Management Series PLs and delivered the FEBC. If an org was in trouble the very least LRH would expect is that the Scientologists in the area get together and handle it. That is called responsibility. Yes it is Management’s responsibility to get it sorted out, but it is also the hat of every Scientologist. The very last thing LRH would expect of a Scientologist is that they stand in the street and take photos of themselves laughing about the fact that the org was in trouble.

Look at the data every Scientologist knows on the Tone Scale. A sane person displays the correct tone level for a given situation. An org in trouble is not a good thing, no matter the ‘reasons’. Only an insane person laughs when he thinks his best friend has been betrayed, and stabbed in the back. Marcus Brutus Rathbun claims to be a Scientologist, claims to be on-Source and a friend to LRH, and yet he laughs when he thinks an Org is failing. He waves his rattle and chants and dances about like some sicko witch doctor. That has to tell you where he is at on the Tone Scale.

How easy it is to stand on the sidelines and make fun of the orgs and the people that are trying to make a difference. How easy it is to laugh at them. How suppressive.

Prior to the London incident, Marcus Brutus Rathbun assisted Martin Bashir (the ‘reporter’ that tricked his way into Micheal Jackson’s confidence and then betrayed and destroyed him) to attack the OT levels and the Scientology philosophy on national TV. On national radio a couple of weeks later (30 October 2009 to be precise) Marcus Brutus stated “You don’t need the organizations in order to practice the philosophy – study the philosophy, practice the philosophy, live with the philosophy.” He went on to say that orgs were actually a hindrance because of their policy.

Read the articles on the Machinations of Marcus. Marcus Brutus claims to be a Scientologist and to revere LRH. He has to say that to recruit people to assist him in his cause – if he told the truth people would stay away from him in droves. This is called ‘duping’ people.

Mark  Rathbun is not a Scientologist, and he views LRH with disdain. He is working to destroy orgs, and to destroy LRH. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a dupe.

LRH wants orgs

LRH started working on the technology of orgs in the very earliest days. Group Dianetics was released on 7 Jan 1951, and the incredible “An Essay on Management” was issued on the 9th Jan 1951. From then and continuing to the very end, he worked incessantly to develop the third dynamic technology of orgs. Anyone who has studied as little as a single volume is blown away by what LRH created. It includes such incredibles as the Data Series, The PR Series, Admin Know How Series and so much more.

LRH loved his orgs and their staffs.

You are creating an island of friendliness, decency, and succour in the sea of a violent world. You do it by using policy and tech that it took half a century to find and develop. Sometimes it’s tough going. Well, it’s a tough world. But that is what makes our orgs so valuable. And that is why above all else we must create these org islands.

Some time in the future the islands will become the sea. And it will happen because you took this advice, these PLs and this tech and used them purely as they were intended: to succour man from the gathering darkness and decay if this earth’s civilization.

Others talk about a better world. We are making one.

And what I have just told you is the winning way to do it.”

L. Ron Hubbard

Ron’s Journal 28

24 November 1976

Do not assist squirrels like Mark Rathbun to destroy our orgs. Orgs are not perfect and they probably never will be, as perfection is an absolute. But they are the way to achieving LRH’s goal of a Cleared planet, and they are the way to a better future for you, your children and grandchildren. It is your hat to support your org.

If you have an upset with an org or a staff member, use LRH Policy to get it sorted out. If you can’t seem to get it sorted out, then look and see if there is anything that you are not taking responsibility for, or anything you are doing to keep the upset alive.

Read Clean Hands Make a Happy Life – page 53 of the Intro to Scn Ethics Book. Read the chapters on Responsibility; on Justification; and You Can Be Right. But just keep applying LRH until you do get it handled.

It’s a hell of a lot easier to blame someone else than to take responsibility.

The problem with blaming someone else is that by doing so you elect them as cause over you, and empower them. Turning your back and refusing to play may seem like the right thing to do, and it may even seem to make you happy. However, electing someone else as cause in your life is a wrong why and as with all wrong whys, it is insane. The ‘happiness’ is the glee of insanity.

Support your org. Support your religion. And most of all, support LRH. Orgs are his creation, and he doesn’t mince his words about people who try to destroy them. They are squirrels and SPs.