Marty Rathbun: Why even one “cockroach” is too many

Marty Rathbun

People like Marty Rathbun and ilk, who pop up every now and then and make a lot of noise criticizing Scientology, grinding away at some axe-du-jour, should not surprise us, despicable as their acts may be. Mostly they don’t. Certainly to those of us who have been Scientologists for decades, they are no more surprising than the discovery of the occasional cockroach found under the sink. They have been around since the beginning. As LRH explained back in 1954…

“As any science which betters people gathers unto itself considerable numbers of people who can dramatize only how bad it is over there, we get a great deal of crank, squirrel, neurotic, and psychotic communication flow. We have an incidental communication line, then, which does not at all help the public’s word-of-mouth communication from this entheta line. We call this an entheta line simply because people use Scientology to explain to others how bad it all is over there, how bad auditors are, how bad courses are, how bad Hubbard is, how bad rain is, how bad cats are, how bad the other person is, etc., etc. We even have publications which pretend to be part of Dianetics and Scientology which couldn’t possibly print anything but bad news. That there is not one word of truth in all this news so far detected by the most searching inspection here, that these rumors and perjuries and falsehoods haven’t even the dignity of a background in fact, does not stay their passage.”

L. Ron Hubbard
Professional Auditor’s Bulletin 37, 15 October 1954

As has been proven, time and again, the Marty Rathbuns represent a very small percentage of the public. And they are to be expected, when you stop and consider for just a moment the skills our auditors possess and what they mean to the future of this planet.  For anyone who wants to gain a true understanding of this, the new LRH bio book, “Freedom Fighter, Articles & Essays,” is an enlightening guide:

“The Scientology movement is not pushed by one man, it is pushed by millions.

“If you champion the dignity and Freedom of Mankind, you are a Scientologist at heart, if not by name.

“We are the most able technicians in the field of the mind on the planet and are the only skilled experts in this field who can produce uniformly beneficial and permanent good results.  We now outnumber psychiatry by about 100 to 1.

“We believe in Mankind.  We can and are helping Man, our countries and society.

“We are not ‘one man.’

“We are millions and we are everywhere.”

L. Ron Hubbard
Freedom Fighter; Articles and Essays, A CLOSING NOTE

Considering the above, some might think it a waste of valuable time and effort for a Scientologist to face down a cockroach like Rathbun. We have seen his kind do themselves in with such reliability over the years, that we know that, by the time we search out the can of “Raid,” chances are he will already be feet-up on the window sill. But we also well know that there is a price to be paid for religious freedom, and that price is VIGILANCE.

I maintain this site not only because my religion is precious to me, but because it has proven itself to be indispensable to this society. For that reason, even one cockroach under the sink is too many.