Marty Rathbun’s Big Guns Keep Firing Back at Him

Marty Rathbun has been trying to present himself as being pro-Scientology and pro-LRH for about 2 years now. He’s repeated it daily for the deluded dozens who lavish lickspittle praise on him on his blog, and hit his little “donate” button.

But now, once again, Rathbun has proven himself to be the master of the “foot-bullet.” Rathbun might want to rename his shack the “ACME Attack Factory” because just like the cartoon character Wile E. Coyote, each of his new big plans seems to come back and bite him in the butt.

Marty’s been feeding sensational, alarming, and false copy to a third-rate porn advertiser for months now, blithely thinking his own message was being forwarded, and that Marty was being made to look like some kind of respected source.

Now his favorite reporter turns around and dumps right back on what Marty insists is the keystone of all that Marty is about: LRH and the Tech.

He led Rathbun around by the nose for months, then turned around and slapped him in the face. He might as well have said, “Here you go, Marty. You thought you were using me, but I was using YOU the whole time.”

Surprise, surprise. Rathbun lays down with a snake and is dumbfounded when he gets bit.

But Marty acts like he’s not bit at all; like it’s just a “disagreement” between friends. He hasn’t even got the guts to show offense. If he did, his sycophantic minions would laugh him off his own blog, which they would do if there were an honest one among them. Taking offense would be admitting Marty screwed up Big Time. He hasn’t got the courage for that. Instead, Rathbun just acts like he and the snake have differing opinions, but everything’s still A-OK in Marty World.

This was supposed to be another one of Rathbun’s “big guns” that would do in the Church. And once again, it just comes back and fires at Rathbun himself.

I’ll state what the reporter is too covert to say to you, Marty:

You thought you were using him, but he was using YOU. And now he’s made you look the fool, like others before him did.

If you didn’t have so many overts you might be able to SEE that the “friends” you’ve aligned yourself with to propagate your anti-Church messages are not friends at all. They are and have been simply using YOU for their own destructive ends. They care not one whit for what you pretend you believe, or for what your stated but phony purpose is.

They will keep turning around and throwing you under the bus, Marty. Too bad you never did any standard tone scale drills. Too bad you read the tone scale and decided you knew it all already. Too bad you were afraid to look at the tone scale too closely for fear you would spot yourself.

Too bad you were so myopically obsessed with your own bizarre, conflicting messages that you couldn’t look up and see that you were being used like the tool you are:

Sweeney trashes LRH and you consider it a success, and helping to get your word out.

Lawrence Wright trashes LRH and you consider it “fine journalism.”

Caberta works daily to make LRH’s works illegal, and you publicly endorse her efforts.

Mark Bunker spends decades trashing LRH and you welcome him with open arms.

Jason Beghe trashes LRH in vicious ways in the media, and he’s your “best friend.”

Now the reporter trashes LRH and shoves it in your face, and you support his efforts still, because you don’t always “see eye to eye.”

What a no-confront case you are, Marty.

Each one of them publicly make you look like the fool you are, and you do nothing about it but bend over and say “Thank you sir, may I have another?”

You’re a moron, Marty. Or as you would spell it, a “maroon.”

I’ll say this, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to look this over and get some gain from it:

You withdrew your allegiance that you once granted, and betrayed much, much trust in some of the most duplicitous and honor-less ways ever seen. Did you think others, like the SP’s you thought you were using, wouldn’t treat you similarly?

Did you think that people who treat Scientology and LRH with such attempted degradation and treachery wouldn’t turn at least some of that on you? And what do you imagine they say about you behind your back for being such a flaccid dupe?

And are you so naïve as to think this is the last time it will happen?

But what do you care? It keeps a few dozen similar lunatics hitting the “donate” button on your blog, so you don’t have to get a job and can keep “making a living” from attacking Scientology.