Marty Rathbun’s Delusional World

Marty Rathbun is vainly attempting to salvage some of the misplaced credibility that he had been afforded by a few ignoramuses by trying to make people believe that he is actually pro LRH,

Let’s get one thing straight.  If Marty Rathbun was pro-LRH he would immediately stop committing suppressive acts; clearly laid out and defined by LRH.   Next he would get onto doing whatever was necessary to right the wrongs he has done. As we all know, that is not about to happen.   Rathbun is a back-stabbing traitor who has no Code of Honor.

Marty has created a dream world where he is shut off from direct observation (it appears it ran in the family).  He simply cannot see reality.  Everything he perceives is though a thick fog of justifications that occlude his view, every single damaging act he admits having committed has a proviso, “I did it because they told me to.”  Any shimmering mirage that does appear is then filtered and processed in a massive bank of computations and conclusions whose overriding function is to morph the perceived image into something that makes Marty look good to himself.  What Marty eventually sees may impress himself and his flock, but it is certainly NOT reality.

Compounding this is the fact that Marty Rathbun then projects these hallucinations out into the world, and then proceeds to re-perceive them through his fog and filters, distorting them further.

For example, Ursula Caberta, has spent 20 years being paid to attack LRH, approaches Marty Rathbun and says she wants his help.   Instead of seeing a wicked witch whose purpose is to trick him, Marty arrogantly sees an idiot who has finally realized that Marty is the Chosen One.  Projecting his Save The World beingness onto the scene, Marty tells Caberta that she has to be a good girl now, and she agrees and says she will be.

Because she seemed so easy to bring to heel, Marty now sees Caberta as Heidi, and himself as the Captain, and head, of the Von Trapp family.  In the face of oppression, he is going to sing “Edelweiss” with Heidi by his side, and together they will make the Gestapo put down their weapons, burst into song and clap and stamp their feet in the Germanic tradition to honor LRH.

Even after the debacle, Marty still can’t see that he was duped, that his song was spoiled, both by the bovine creature next to him chewing the cud throughout, and by his false notes and crazy lyrics, or that the gestapo were laughing at him because he played right into their hands.

They were using Marty, he wasn’t using them, and he certainly wasn’t “handling” them they way he touted he would.  In fact, Marty’s followers are now less respected in Germany by the SPs than they were before he went there.  Even the Cabertoids can see that real Scientologists at least have the courage and integrity to stand up for what they believe in and defend themselves. Even the media chuckled at Rathbun.

The same kind of mental shenanigans have played havoc with his perception of, and dealings with his new pal, the tabloid porn advertiser, who, just like Caberta, has only ever attacked LRH, and rabidly.

Marty’s pal is a writer/editor/self-promoter who understands nothing about Scientology.  To him there is nothing more to life than T and A, and he simply uses the newsworthiness of Scientology and LRH as a vehicle to carry his sordid wares to others just as debauched as he is and, of course, getting more hits to his blog.

No halfway sane or decent human being would give the reporter as much as the time of day, and yet Marty entrusted him with the job of protecting and defending LRH. But then Marty recognized a kindred spirit who also wants to vampire off of Scientology for profit. It gives them both something to talk about and a way to get some income. So he was blind to the treachery that is part of the fabric of such people.

No matter the opacity of his fog, the distortions of his filters or the warping of his processors, to come up with the notion that this opportunistic hack would defend LRH is as insane as entrusting a school of fish to a shark.  To pretend to be surprised just makes Marty look all the more stupid.

Marty Rathbun is not just insane.  There is a point where insanity ends and suppression begins.  Marty passed that point years back.

And now, in an attempt to take his suppression to new heights, Marty claims he needs to take it upon himself to “defend” LRH.

In true Rathbun style, though, his “defense” is about as lukewarm, ineffective and flaccid as one can make it and still pretend to be defending.  Once again, Marty was afraid to offend another member of the media on whom he counts for a few occasional bucks.

LRH needs no defense from anyone – his legacy is more than capable of defending him. He certainly needs no “defense” or “help” from an SP whose only intention is to gain notoriety through attempting to harm him.

Perhaps Marty’s pretense at “helping” LRH impresses some of his gullible flock, but even gulls cannot live on a diet of worn-out, decayed lies.