Marty Rathbun’s Road out the Bottom

We’ve received report after report of people crashing and burning after receiving some of Marty Rathbun’s cut-rate squirrel “services.”

People reverting to drugs (even taking psych drugs,) getting involved in disreputable activities, 2D musical chairs, buying into psych-based philosophies, and even declaring they want no further “auditing” at all.

You might even think that Marty Rathbun was trying to ensure that anyone connected with him never went any further on the Bridge, and he sought these results with his perversions of Scientology and its Tech.

As a natural squirrel, Marty natively knows the truth about the Bridge:

“Man has been trying for thousands of years to find his way upward and out. The way has been found, the Bridge approaches and spans well marked. If followed precisely the way will be passable. Even so well marked and followed, it will be bumpy enough. For you should not expect a ride on a cloud while passing in fact through the accumulated hell of eons. But you can get across and safely to the plateau.
“If you violate the rules of the game you will not pass at all but arrive instead in the abyss, not because we want you to, but because you would not walk upon the road. Cut-rate auditing, slipshod training, getting more auditing than you give, pretending to understand when you don’t, buying some offbeat brand, experimenting with peyote, listing ‘your own goals’ yourself, turning up late for appointments, suing somebody to make trouble, piling up withholds against your auditor — any of these and other departures will hold you up or stop you completely. We know. We’ve been through it all, again and again. “There is no shorter way than this…”


Except for the peyote (though there are many reports of marijuana use in Marty’s camp) that’s a pretty apt description of Marty Rathbun’s Road out the Bottom.

But then people who turn themselves in for Rathbun’s “services” generally have a history of such out-ethics activity and even off-beat practices. One might even think they had decided against the Bridge before showing up at Marty’s Shack.

At least that would be one postulate that would work.