Personality Assessment Revisited

Back in 2010, I solicited a high profile body language analysis expert to review Marty Rathbun’s videos and give his analysis of Rathbun. His thoughts on Rathbun’s personality and motivations were very interesting to say the least.

I recently provided my friend with more materials (videos, articles, postings, etc.) to re-asses Rathbun today in light of actions Rathbun has been engaged in since. Once again, his remarks are very interesting and are published here to provide an independent expert analysis of Marty Rathbun.

“As I originally observed, the subject Rathbun’s lifeblood is continual conflict and his actions and statements on the whole since that evaluation (as presented in videos and text) have only served to confirm that observation.

I concluded my first report in noting that there was likelihood that Rathbun might escalate his complaints and other behaviors in an effort to draw others into the conflict. This is most evident in his alliances with several entities and even drawing his local acquaintances and neighbors in to support his private wars.

I evaluated him earlier against the baseline of classic narcissism, and note that his fantasies of success and power have not diminished, and the other characteristics have only become more pronounced, particularly his reactions to being frustrated or attacked. He has lashed out in barely restrained violent ways when confronted or even questioned by perceived antagonists. Again, only external influences (his wife, the public settings) have kept him from dramatic and dangerous actions. In several of the videos for example, Rathbun displayed a desire to physical assault. Left to his own devices, he could easily cross the line into a destructive episode that might cause great harm to others, as well as to himself. This is all the more likely due to his exaggerated and unreal narcissistic image of himself, and his denial that he is subject to the same social contract as those around him. (Note that even the presence of cameras was insufficient as a deterrent to his vicious responses.)

 He has expanded his perceived enemies to encompass “corrupt” government and corporate entities, moving from specific to more general threats to him in his “war.”

 This is a dangerous development in the direction of paranoid conspiracy fears, particularly in light of his family institutional history, alcohol dependence as coping devices, and the passive enabling of a close circle around him reinforcing his fragile self-status.

 Unrestrained, I would anticipate Rathbun involved in an overt destructive or episodes with serious consequences to others and/or himself.