Squirrel Survival Kit

(Clay is an old friend who has been helping me moderate this site for some time – I’m happy to have him writing things.   Let us know what you think.  – Minerva)

It’s easy getting yourself into trouble, but usually a lot harder to get yourself out of it again.

Anybody undertaking some risky venture had better be equipped with a first aid/survival kit for use in emergencies.  These days few people venture out into the unknown without at least taking a cell phone so they can call the rescue services.   The more sensible wear appropriate safety gear and have survival kits so that they can affect a self-rescue to a large degree.  The key thing is knowing how to get the hell out of there.

Squirreling is no exception.  Getting involved with squirrels is a reckless thing to do.  Statistically very few survive the experience, with 99% of the people that joined Mayo or earlier squirrel groups having fallen off the Bridge permanently as a minimum consequence. Only a rare few have the courage to face their actions and come clean and get straight. When one realizes one has been committing truly suppressive acts, such as supporting squirrelling, it can be a life-wrenching experience that few recover from.

Obviously the more involved people become with squirrels, the more at risk they are.  The time to get out is NOW.

These are things you should know. Frankly, if you had duplicated all or most of them you would never have allowed yourself to get into the hands of squirrels and SPs in the first place.

The first key is found in step A of the well-known A-E steps in HCOPL   Suppressive Acts Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists:

“…stop committing present time overts and to cease all attacks and suppressions” so that you can get case gain. This first step alone will do wonders in helping you reverse the deathly spiral you are in.

While you’re at it, be sure to read through all the Suppressive Acts enumerated in that policy letter. This will help you to spot the actual intentions and activities of Marty Rathbun and other squirrels.

Which leads nicely to the next piece of essential Tech that should be in your Survival Kit:

The State of Man lectures: So you can duplicate the vital role that clean hands play in successful movement up the Bridge, and learn other interesting things like why Marty hates the Church (hint: it has to do with his overts on the Church, which are multitudinous and legend.)

Don’t forget that the book Introduction to Scientology Ethics contains many tools that you can’t live without. Aside from the Conditions data, there are very important pieces of Tech in this book. Of note is the Third Party data; duplicating this will help you remain exterior to one of the squirrel’s most often-used bits of stock-in-trade.  Rathbun and his cult followers make a cyber-fest of this daily, and it’s practically all you hear out of them.

Speaking of stock-in-trade, Science of Survival will help you navigate your way through the pressures of being connected to squirrels. Aside from the invaluable tone level tech, be sure to study “Column Y: Method Used by Subject to Handle Others.” Be sure to apply this data when you are being “persuaded” by those who are trying to “disaffect” you from the Church.

Keep in mind at all times the principles in the HCOB The Criminal Mind. Note that Rathbun in particular can’t help himself from claiming that others are guilty of those things he does himself. It’s a highly reliable yardstick. With every complaint or claim he makes, you can ask yourself, “what has Marty done just like that?” It’s a slam-dunk method of cutting through his BS.

There are also important chapters in the Ethics book on the characteristics of SP’s and also Social Personalities, honesty and integrity, plenty on conditions and their application, and even chapters on Justice Codes and their application to help you in your quest to come clean and start moving on the Bridge again.

Once you have looked over some of the things above, you should apply them to squirrels and SPs you have been exposed to. For example, keep in mind the suppressive acts LRH laid out in the policy mentioned above if you find yourself reading the daily internet effluvia of Rathbun and his cult followers. See how many suppressive acts you can spot – and these people aren’t even getting up from their computers!

But the first step of the journey is always the hardest. Perhaps the best way to start is by observing (brushing aside all bias and rumor) that a squirrel is a squirrel. In Rathbun’s case, for example, observe that running NOTS procedures on people who aren’t even Clear, much less OT IV, is one of the most suppressive, squirrelly things one can do with the tech. Realize also that if Rathbun is willing to go that far to ruin cases, he certainly has no compunctions about altering any and all of the Tech elsewhere on the Bridge.

After all, it’s YOUR future, and squirrels aren’t going to be taking responsibility for it. You’ll have to do it yourself.