The Life Expectancy of Marty Rathbun’s Squirrel Operation

“This final bit is added not out of any pride or conceit or bid for loyalty.  It has been consistently observed by many observers that when a place seems to be critical of or in disagreement with Ron or cool toward his plans, the public falls rapidly away.  No squirrel has ever survived.  Treat a bust or a personal office of mine with disrespect and the public falls away.  Apologize for my policies and the public stays off in droves.  There’s nothing of superstition about this.  The public wants Scientology, Ron’s brand and they don’t buy other brands.  In thirteen years, every squirrel or disaffected or critical office has miserably failed.
    “The ‘we agree in most things with Ron but——-‘ sees the coattails of the public, not their faces.  Only recently a large office nearly crashed on this one alone.  I repeat that this is no self-interested observation.  It is just fact. ‘This office doesn’t fully agree with Ron’ is a sure trademark of failure.  I can name nearly a hundred (independent, nearly all of them) failed centers who for all their work and often creditable actions, new furniture and exteriors, failed and failed hard on just that point.”
L. Ron Hubbard

You hear this kind of remark from Marty Rathbun and his nutty pals all the time:  “we agree in most things with Ron but ——- “  The caveat (they hope) obscures a cesspool of ethical and technical crimes, committed every time they are able to snag some poor pre-clear and shove him in front of an, at best uncertified, quite often jury-rigged, even flat-out broken, excuse for an e-meter.

With squirrels like Rathbun, faint praise for LRH (if any) is a staple, and it is always delivered while they are quite blatantly criticizing LRH and Scientology with their actions.

While Marty Rathbun has committed a plethora of such despicable acts, number one on my Top Ten list is Marty’s trip to Germany to ally himself with Ursula Caberta, a Hamburg government stooge, and Europe’s most infamous anti-religious bigot and LRH critic.

Caberta has a long record of hostility and discrimination towards the Scientology religion and its American and German members. In 1992, while still an MP, she told the Hamburg state parliament that “we will carry on and will free Germany from Scientology.” More than any other German official, Caberta is responsible for the wide distribution of the “sect filters” that our U.S. State Department has often criticized as an abuse of human rights. For more information, visit the Anti-Religious Extremists section of

Marty Rathbun and Ursula Caberta are now good buds.

Of course, Scientology continues to thrive in Germany despite Ursula’s best efforts, and Ursula’s vicious whining grows weaker and less effective by the year.  For evidence of that, one need look no further than here:

But do go to anyway and read all about the opening of Hamburg’s magnificent Ideal Org

This, Marty and Squirrel Pals, is what IN-TECH and IN-ETHICS looks like!