The Michael Fairman Phallacies

Listen Fairman - If I use you for bait I can catch me a decent fish.

Hello Michael Fairman.

I have never met you, never spoken with you.  And yet I know so much about you.  Enough that I can head this posting with the word Phallacy.

There is good reason for using that word, which I will explain below.

Undoubtedly your friend Marty Rathbun will see some biblical insinuation in the use of the word, and equate it with Sadducees and Pharisees and Sodomites – because some of the letters in those words are similar to Phallacy, and after all, it is Easter.

Marty is pretty screwed up on the subject of religion.  If you ever had any doubts about that, he has surely made it plain now by comparing your going to join his squirrel group with Jesus’ resurrection and ascension into Heaven.

Sorry to rain on your parade, Michael, but you are nothing like Jesus.  While I know you have cheerfully bought a lot of Marty’s bullshit, I do hope you didn’t buy that one.  That comparison insults the intelligence of billions of people – it’s not just me that would say he was truly screwed up there.

While I have no doubt that you did experience some kind of happy moment when you decided to back stab your group, that feeling is called the ‘glee of insanity’.   Throwing away all personal responsibility and assigning cause elsewhere may make you feel good for a while – but unfortunately it is not a good thing.  Lack of responsibility and overts have this nasty way of catching up with one, and yours are tracking you down as we speak.

Michael Fairman.  What a name. It suggests it is rooted in the word FAIR.

Fair means, “in accordance with the rules or standards; legitimate.”

The thesaurus says that synonyms of FAIR are:- just, equitable, honest, upright, honorable, trustworthy; impartial, unbiased, unprejudiced, nonpartisan, neutral, evenhanded; lawful, legal, legitimate

Now you would have to agree Michael, wouldn’t you, that neither the definition nor any of the synonyms in any way describe you in this matter do they?

I mean, you sure aren’t abiding by any rules or standards, or being upright or honorable are you? In fact, you’re being rather vicious and hateful. You seem to have “ascended” into a realm of malicious intent robed in “self-righteousness.”

As I said at the start Michael, I have never met you and have never spoken with you.  In fact all I know about you is what you wrote and published on a squirrel’s site about your SP declare.  I have not spoken to anyone else about you at any time, and I have no more data than your name and what you wrote.

You took up that SP Declare line by line to counter it.  So let’s look at what you wrote.  I’ll excerpt from your writing, leaving the words of the SP Declare in italics, your comments in bold, and my observations in plain text.

“Michael Fairman has been pretending to be a Scientologist while covertly attempting to divert unsuspecting Scientologists in good standing off The Bridge to Total Freedom. He is not a Scientologist and has also participated in squirrel activities with a squirrel individual, declared SP by HCO, who “audits” with no valid certs, no pc folders, no examiner, squirrel E-Meter and virtually no element of a standard session per HCOB 4 Dec. 1977RA, CHECKLIST FOR SETTING UP SESSIONS AND AN E-METER and HCO PL 19 Mar. 1972, C/Sing OR AUDITING WITHOUT FOLDER STUDY.”

Michael Fairman IS a Scientologist and continues to overtly attempt to divert unsuspecting members from the Church of Miscavige who are not really on the Bridge to Total Freedom. Being a Scientologist, I have also participated in activities with an individual who audits as I imagined Mr. Hubbard would have audited, because the results this individual helped me achieve were spectacular.

I had a  D of P and a PC folder. He used an E-Meter exactly like the one I used for 10 years ( however, his was not the same color as mine). This meter indicated FN’s to him, which he indicated to me, which I KNEW were F/N’s; and I did go to the Examiner.

Here’s a caution for you, Michael. LRH didn’t want anyone to “imagine” what he would have audited like. He laid it out in painstaking technical detail in HCOB’s and other issues for all to see clearly, as well as carefully delineated procedures, violation of which are crimes or High Crimes.

Michael, while it may sound good to you to say you are a Scientologist, the unfortunate fact is that you are not one.

David Koresh, Jim Jones and a large number of other criminals have claimed to be Christians, and yet every self respecting Christian would say that they were patently obviously not Christian despite their assertions.

Extremists and evil people have been committing crimes and giving religion a bad name for thousands of years.  It’s a really old, worn, trick.

One of their best tricks was getting people to “imagine” that they were prophets of a sort.

For you to say you are a Scientologist is laughable.   A Scientologist applies Scientology technology and abides by the codes of a Scientologist.  If you think you can squirrel the technology and violate the codes and still call yourself a Scientologist, then you are truly insane.  Yes, freedom of speech means that you can claim to be one and you have that right.  But if you actually think you are one, then you are as insane as Jones, Koresh, Marty and Mayo – and the many that have gone before them.

Now Michael, when your declare points out that Marty doesn’t have any certs, pc folders, examiner etc it is simply stating well known facts that even Marty accepts as true.

To say that he does have a folder because you saw one on the table with your name on it is kind of missing the point.  A pc folder is not just a folder with someone’s name on it.   As you well know, a person’s actual pc folder has a record of all their auditing, the FESes and so on in it.  There are HCOBs on it that you yourself studied.  You just make yourself look stupid by trying to defend the point.

Same with the examiner.  Perhaps Marty sat there after session and said, “OK so now I’m the examiner – your needle is floating” but Michael, that doesn’t mean you went to the examiner.  And similarly, talking about your case over a B-B-Q’d fish dinner doesn’t constitute a D of P except to the insane where A=A=A and everything is the same.

Your attempts to explain this all away simply serve to make you look pathetically anxious to justify your position.

Later on you claim that you did the PTS S/P Course?  That course clearly lays out what squirrels and SPs are, and the consequences of associating with them.  Did you not get to that bit in the course?  You have never heard of the justice codes before?  Really Michael . . .

One part of your write up that really gets me Michael are your vehement claims that you have never been out-ethics on the 2D.  And yet there are some extraordinary contrary facts in what you say.

You say you were married to your first wife for 9 years, the 2nd for one year, and your current wife for 18 years, although you have been in love 20 years.  And you never went out-2D.  If that is true, Michael, then I congratulate you.

But what I don’t get is this bit where you say, “In the Spring of 2010, my wife and I moved into separate homes, a decision that was made in 1995.”

Huh?!  You decided to move into separate homes 15 years ago, and as soon as you could afford to do so, you did that.

I don’t get it.  Why is that?  Why would you not live with the woman you love?

Maybe she has been going out 2D on you – and you still love her and forgive her but can’t live with her.  Is that it?  Or maybe you were sponging off her for years (which you do suggest was the case) and as soon as you were making some money of your own she finally threw you out.  That could make some sense.

What else could it be Michael?  This does not add up.

There is too much data missing.  Is this the area that you could not confront – that stopped you getting through OT 7?

All we are hearing is your natter and your motivators and your plans to commit more overts.  Why don’t you just confront that which first caused your hands to be dirty and which has sullied your life ever since?

That is the real cause of the problem, and something you will have to address sooner or later, whether you like it or not.

I notice that in your write up you list out all the films you have been in, like you are trying to impress someone.  Maybe you impress the squirrels.  Not me.  I think that as a professional you have codes you are supposed to adhere to and live by.  Not screwing over your client is a basic one for most professionals.  But you Michael, you delight in it.  What does that say about you Michael.  Remember the definition of FAIR?  Are you a Fairman?

You make a big deal about how you have paid off all your debts to the IRS and everywhere else, yet you won’t pay off your debts to the Church.  Rather than that you will violate the Scientology Ethics Codes and spew vitriol at people who have done nothing but help you for many years.  Is that honorable?  Is that just?  Is that fair?

It is not unexpected that you violently attack the church Michael.  Do you remember the definition of Justfication?  The LRH references are here on this site for you to read.

That’s the same LRH that wrote about D of Ps, pc folders, C/Sing, examiners.  The same man that wrote about overts.  The same man that wrote about squirrels and SPs, and who laid out the justice codes and the penalties for those who violate them.  The same man you have betrayed.

You devote two lines to saying how great your auditing from a squirrel was.  You devote 20 lines to spite-filled hatred, and 100 lines to justifying your overts.

Does it never occur to you that if you were truly cleaned up you would not be engaged in destructive actions, natter, motivators, and a clear hatred for church management and individuals in it?

In case you still don’t get it, you make yourself look like an idiot to keep claiming that you are a Scientologist.

Michael, all your vitriol does is tell us that you really have some whoppers.  That you are pretty messed up.  From your write up it is clear you haven’t been on lines for many years, and that you never did get the Scientology basics.

Revel in the fact that you are not a Scientologist.  It will at least be honest.


And finally Michael, I say your story is a phallacy because that insinuates what you have demonstrated yourself to be.  A prick.

Michael Phairman – the Phallus.