The Road to OT – by LRH


What does it take to become OT?

Is OT a finite thing; a measurable quantity?

Does someone just become OT from one day to the next?

What did LRH go through on his journey to become OT?

I ask these questions because I regularly hear of people invalidating the state of OT.    They say the OT levels are not real; they say that there are no real OTs.

I recently met with a couple of squirrels with the express purpose of understanding what they thought about OT.

Needless to say, they have huge hidden standards about OT.  If someone can’t make a house vanish off a street by zapping it with intention, then one is not OT.  If someone cannot make anything and everything happen instantly, then they are not OT.   They judge everything using the facsimiles they have mocked up.

To them OT is a thing.  They think they should be able to buy it off the shelf someplace, like an outfit they put on that gives them superpowers.  Or that if they perform some ritual and sacrifice something, they will be given “OT”.  To them it is something that a person would Have, not something a person would Be.  They pay their money and they should have the goods – like buying a Big Mac.

They do not understand gradient scales in regards to OT.   They do not see that some people are more OT than others, even though they should be able to by just looking around.  They do not see that some people become more and more OT as they move through life and apply the tech, and that others become less and less OT as they commit and accumulate overts and withholds and MUs.  They judge everyone by their hidden standards.  Real A=A at work.

Interestingly, most of the people they pointed to as ‘those in the know’ about whether OTs exist or not,  are people I just happen to know as well.

In the next articles I will introduce you to some of these people who believe they are able to say with authority that OT’s do not exist.    (I assure you that these people are not OT, and being pretty degraded, are not qualified to judge.)

In the meantime however, I urge you to read the LRH article below because it puts things in perspective and gives a rare insight into LRH’s own journey in his endeavor to become more OT.




The Road to OT

by L. Ron Hubbard

The road to OT is a long hard road.  I know.  It’s beset by many perils, not the least of which is the installed feeling of unreality which is supposed to be an effective barrier to any escape for Man.

How hard would you have to hit a man to introduce total amnesia?  That’s pretty hard.  People are struck by cars, trains, tremendous impacts.  And yet they still remember who they are.

How hard, then, does one have to be hit to be made to forget his entire past?  Well, that’s how hard one has been hit.

The road to OT is a road of gradually returning knowingness, a gradual shedding of amnesia, a gradual ridding of unreality.

Unreality is the result of invalidation by force.  Hit a being hard enough, ARC break him hard enough and everything goes unreal.  As knowingness returns, that unreality fades away and leaves him knowing more and more about who he is, where he is and why.

Just keep the Tone Arm of the meter moving well on a preclear and the preclear headed at the right targets on the track and gradually the shades of night lift.  And knowingness and memory return.

It isn’t how incredible the materials on the track seem.  It’s only incredible how one has forgotten.

Recently, as a pc, I was in despair in a session.  I could not seem to make any progress, indeed had made no progress I could see for seven sessions.  But my auditor kept me headed at the same target, kept the Tone Arm moving.

The auditor didn’t change processes even though I, as a pc was sure for once I’d never break through the tangle of confused facsimiles.  An incredible timespan of incredible track was grouped “hopelessly.”

And then suddenly in that seventh session it all came clear.  And five minutes later I had given my auditor the pattern of the earliest GPM on the time track.  And the whole bank area started to shiver into dissolution.

And in the days that followed, I felt clean, like I’d had a cosmic bath.  (Until of course, I hit the next “impossible” barrier.)

The road to OT is full of pitfalls.  But a moving Tone Arm and an auditor who keeps at it and who’ll listen gets one through.

And not the least of it is the horrible feeling of unreality.

So as you read whole track materials and feel unreal, just realize that some unreality is blowing off and knowingness will not be far behind.

What is is.  Remember that.  It isn’t what somebody says it is.  I can help an awful lot and give you the technology and a map, but it’s your unreality that will blow off and your knowingness that will return.

The gates are open now.  Wide open.  But the only one who can walk that dark way and brave the path for you is you.


10 August 1963