Why Marty Rathbun doesn’t ask for withholds

Daryl Sorrentini

Marty Rathbun has again put his foot in his mouth by trying to explain why his clients withholds are safe with him – he won’t pull them.

Like any suppressive person, Rathbun lives in fear of others becoming more powerful as he is sure that if they were more powerful they would discover the sick game he is playing and destroy him – so he thinks. By not pulling people’s overts and withholds, Marty is able to keep his clients from coming clean, becoming more ethical and therefore more able to exert themselves and in short become more powerful as individuals.  So in short it is a control technique.

Many of Marty’s clients manifest the effects of unhandled overts and withholds.  Being basically good, they are trying to put ethics in on themselves and when they are validated for their crimes and suppressive acts or unethical personal life, it does nothing but drive them further into the mud – which is right where Rathbun wants them as long as they keep coming back and paying him money for his “auditing”.

The real joke is on them. None of them will ever make case gain while they are engaged in suppressive acts and have unethical lifestyles.

We have documented many instances of Rathbun’s clients getting worse after auditing from him.  We see examples of this where ever we look: clients going out 2D, clients reverting to drugs, blowing Scientology altogether, not to mention the violations of the policy on Suppressive Acts, theft, etc.

Another example of how Rathbun’s squirreling of the tech and lack of proper withhold pulling has had devastating effects has come to light with one of his clients named Daryl Sorrentini, the mother of Jamie Lugli, mother in law of Tiziano.

Daryl is a shining example of Marty’s squirrel tech and no withhold pulling. It seems that Daryl has carried on an affair with her sister’s husband, Robert Paulus (also one of Marty’s PCs) for at least the past several years if not longer.  Daryl’s sister Kathy Paulus has been married to Robert Paulus for many years.  A few years ago Daryl (who was married at the time) moved in with her sister Kathy and brother-in-law Robert in New Jersey while Daryl’s husband out of state working.

Daryl started an affair with Paulus, despite the fact that she was married and that Paulus was her own sister’s husband.

You would think that even the lowest level auditor would send such a PC to Ethics to sort out such an obviously out-ethics situation, since the PC will not be able to make case gain.

Though she has been audited by Marty over the course of several trips to Texas, this same out ethics situation remains. But because Marty doesn’t pull withholds, this insanity hangs up and never resolves.

The fact that Daryl was sleeping with her sister Kathy’s husband has been upsetting to no end to Kathy.

Daryl is living in a condo owned by Robert Paulus and he is partners with her in a restaurant business that she owns, yet Rathbun happily audits over this out ethics, doesn’t pull any withholds related to the situation and it keeps getting worse and worse. There’s no way on earth that Daryl is going to be getting case gain, yet the next thing we will be hearing from Marty is that she is clear as a bell.