Why Marty Rathbun Hates Scientology & Scientologists

When Marty Rathbun can’t get anyone else to listen to him, he conducts a daily digest of internet screeds that follow the suppressive black PR pattern that L. Ron Hubbard described as “yesterday’s lies proves today’s lie.”

But every once in a while, Rathbun takes a break and phones in an interview with any radio host who will listen, even if it’s just a small-time local shock jock.

Aside from the fact that Rathbun’s entire interview is what he and his followers call a foot-bullet, with the radio host roundly mocking Marty (he chuckles and sneers at Rathbun’s corny lie about being an independent) Marty manages to give us a glimpse of his squirrel mentality.

Rathbun has continually tried to forward the absurd notion that he is “standard” and others are not. What does Rathbun say about Scientology when he’s challenged? How does he feel about the Tech and the results it can bring? Well, here are Marty’s words:

“You gotta look at it with an open mind.”

“Within Scientology you’re free to believe or not believe whatever you want.”

“I don’t believe anything.”

While Marty is looking for messages that you can get from Scientology, LRH had a different view when he wrote Keeping Scientology Working. The phrases namby-pamby and pantywaist dilettante come to mind when hearing Rathbun’s perverted explanation of Scientology to a frothing hatemonger.

And rather than confront the joker for his sniveling degradations of Scientology Rathbun’s snarling defense consists of essentially agreeing with the radio buffoon.

In closing, the following statement from Rathbun, where he explains his squirrel set up, says it all about why he hates Scientology organizations:

“There’s no organization.  It’s all individuals following things as they see fit.”