Robert Almblad’s ex-employee speaks out

Robert Almblad aka Robert August

An increasingly paranoid Robert Almblad has been paying his public relations director Mike Rinder a large salary – plus living expenses – not to garner publicity for his so-called safe ice machine, but, to attack the Church of Scientology.

The revelation, which comes by way of a former employee, confirms what many have suspected, given the lack of anything concrete that Mike Rinder has contributed to Almblad’s business. Rinder, whose job slogan on the Almblad web site reads “Read it in the Headlines,” has produced just one headline on the ice machine since going to work for Almblad in January, 2010.

That came in a story touting the ice machine that was published in a regional Florida newspaper in February, 2010. Since then, there has been no media – neither print nor broadcast – supporting the Almblad ice machine.

The former employee paints a picture of Rinder’s job responsibilities that revolve around Rinder attacking the Church, and, protecting his boss from unwanted scrutiny.

“Rinder tries to run interference for Almblad and disrupt Church activities whenever possible,” the former employee says.

Noting that Robert Almblad pays Mike Rinder $1500 a week in salary and expenses that cover everything from rent to shopping trips, the former employee says that Rinder does whatever Almblad tells him to do. “Rinder is Almblad’s bitch,” the former worker says.

He tells a story of how, when working for Robert Almblad, he first became suspicious of Almblad’s deceit and paranoia. The story confirms that Rinder operates the same way as his boss.

In November of last year Rinder went to the United Kingdom on business. The source says that Almblad told him that the trip had to do with the Laser Key business.

After Rinder’s return, the source says he was with him at a dinner party and asked Rinder how the Laser Key trip went.

According to the former employee, Rinder responded: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Catching his boss set off alarm bells, and, only later when the ex-employee found out that Rinder had been in London specifically on anti-Scientology business, did Almblad’s full-blown paranoia become obvious.

“Almblad pays Rinder to get people to leave, or, to ‘extract’ people from the Church,” the former employee says. “That’s why he was in London. It was to disrupt Church activities there.”

The former employee also says that he overheard a conversation having to do with Almblad paying for people to protest against the Church. His boss was also paying for the placards the protestors planned on carrying.

According to the source, Almblad’s paranoia rockets when he drinks, which the ex-employee says is often.