Squirrel Rathbun Selects the Wrong Target Once Again

The squirrel Mark Rathbun has gotten so desperate for grist to add to his mill that he is attacking a recruitment promo piece put out by LV Org, featuring a pretty young girl with a big grin, with the heading INSOUCIANCE. Obviously something put out by the org, Mark Rathbun yet assigns its creation to [Continue]

Reformed Independents Reveal Mark Rathbun Creates Havoc With The Tech

One of the first targets of nearly every squirrel group is an attack upon the application of Ethics. Once Ethics is knocked out, there is no longer a means to prevent anyone with the intention to create havoc with standard tech to come along and start introducing non-standard, off-beat and downright bizarre squirrel practices.  That’s [Continue]

Mark Rathbun the squirrel strikes another victim

A dear friend of mine today sent me the following write-up and asked me to post it for everyone to see. She is concerned about retaliation from Mark Rathbun so she would rather not say her name for the time being. If she changes her mind I will post her name. “I am a highly [Continue]

The Squirrels – Creating Insanity

Mark Rathbun specializes in using “Black” or Reverse Data Series to control the “mob think” of his followers. The Data Series as laid out by LRH teaches people how to think, how to see clearly, how to find a right why. Using the Data Series properly allows people to view something sanely. “SANITY IS THE [Continue]

Applying “Black” Data Series

This is a true story – a short excerpt of one year in a long SO career – my story In the early 80’s I was assigned to the RPF in CW. I had two young kids at the time and they moved with me into RPF berthing. There was a mum’s dorm in which [Continue]

Squirrels and the Benevolent Dictator

Well I had a great chuckle today reading some of the squirrel ‘wisdom’. Someone mentioned ‘benevolent dictator’ in a thread, which resulted in several ‘experts’ leaping into the discussion with their versions of what LRH said, their interpretations of that, quotes from other sources and their own thoughts on the [Continue]

LRH Declaration 1983

The document below was posted as a comment in a response to one of my posts a few days ago. It is that important a document that it should be presented as its own posting where it is more visible.  This document alone deals with a large percentage of the lies that the squirrels are [Continue]

Squirrels – permission needed to build; no permission needed to destroy

As I have covered before, one of the major lines of attack by the squirrels is against Ideal Orgs. They hate them with a vengeance that belies their claims to want to see Scientology expand and LRH recognized as Source. The fact is that they want orgs destroyed, as Scientology Organizations are the LRH solution [Continue]

Constructive or Destructive – Analyzing the Squirrel, Mark Rathbun

“The research results you would be interested in show clearly that there are two types of behavior – that calculated to be constructive and that calculated to be disastrous. These are the two dominant behavior patterns. There are people then who are trying to build things up and others who are trying to tear things [Continue]

Mark Rathbun’s hero

David Mayo was the first  independent squirrel. Just replace the name Mayo with Mark Rathbun when you read the below issue and you’ll see what L. Ron Hubbard had to say about this: EXECUTIVE DIRECTIVE SO ED 2344 INT                                          [Continue]

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