Could it be Mark Rathbun the squirrel?

The below is quoted from Grant Cardone. “There was once a young man who was gifted with the ability to speak, persuade and move people. Rather than using his gifts to improve conditions around him he used his gifts to criticize what others had done or not done. “The people became so riveted by his [Continue]

Disagree or Disaffect?

All of us that have been around for any length of time have run into things in and with Scientology that we have not agreed with. The big question is “What do you do about it?” LRH has provided many ways in which disagreements can be handled, and all of these are laid out in [Continue]

Squirrel Rathbun Hijacks the Haitian disaster to forward his suppressive agenda

I am constantly amazed at the depths to which the squirrel Mark Rathbun will sink. He has just posted an article slamming the Church of Scientology for trying to help the Haitians in their hour of need. Rathbun accuses the Church of using the disaster as a PR opportunity, but the fact is that is [Continue]

The Squirrel Master and One-valued Logic

Several weeks ago I wrote an article about Mark (Marty) “Marcus Brutus” Rathbun’s inability to evaluate, called Rathbun Can’t Evaluate. Everything he has done and written since that time simply re-enforces that statement. The simple fact of the matter is that Mark Rathbun cannot think logically or clearly on the subject of [Continue]

The Butcher?

The Butcher?

“The reason why squirrel groups fail in the first year or two is the alter-is and abandonment of actual tech plus guilt. Here the cases, if handled at all, get butchered.” From HCO PL 20 July 1970 – TECHNICAL CASES AND MORALE OF STAFF [Continue]

Alloying Affinity for Ron

If Marty Rathbun admitted he was actually operating as Marcus Brutus Rathbun, the very people he needs as instruments in his war, would turn away from him. Well the decent ones anyway. Marty Rathbun has befriended many of those on the far left who openly state that their goal is the complete destruction of Scientology [Continue]

Is Mark Rathbun running his own op?

Someone copied an article from this blog and emailed it to Mark Rathbun’s juniors.  Of course Marty takes the opportunity to falsely accuse Scientology of attacking him. However, word on the net is that Rathbun is doing this to his own fellows to gain their support and “prove” that he is under attack by the [Continue]

Rathbun and Da Koon – Da Vinci or Da Graded?

“The whole bottom of the scale is a mockery of the top of the scale. … and we get to the bottom of the scale, we find this big mockery”. LRH 12 Jan 53 Anchor Points: Driving them in and out. “Every so often, as you go downscale, you get a harmonic” LRH 14 Jan [Continue]

Marty Rathbun Wants to Destroy Orgs

There are many things that drive the squirrels and SPs wild, but few that get them to howling quite as much as the Ideal Orgs. They want the orgs destroyed and that is the bottom line. Here is a good example that illustrates the point. Mark Rathbun and Mike Rinder were recently in London and [Continue]

Mark Rathbun the Squirrel

For those who have been around since the early 1980s, like myself, I am leery of this “Independent” concept being pushed by Mark Rathbun. It looks a lot to me like the 1980s revisited. The “Independent” thing sprang out of the black PR campaign that was run starting in the early 1980s about the Church [Continue]

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