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Marty Rathbun, The Psych’s Good Buddy

Marty Rathbun, The Psych’s Good Buddy

As I browse through the recently published series of L. Ron Hubbard biographies, I am in awe all over again at this man and his accomplishments. “L. Ron Hubbard: Freedom Fighter” contains 43 essays on psychiatry and its crimes against humanity, each a powerful reminder of LRH’s rare brand of courage in taking on psychiatry’s [Continue]

Marty Rathbun Degrades Scientology Tech Again

Marty Rathbun Degrades Scientology Tech Again

Marty Rathbun has once again denigrated LRH and Scientology Tech, and the “Scientologists” around him just let it slide. In the past, Marty Rathbun admitted his difficulties in clearing and understanding words, particularly in the subject of Scientology. While other students had cleared their words and causatively saddled up to go apply what [Continue]

A New Look at Study Tech, by Mardy Rathbun

A New Look at Study Tech, by Mardy Rathbun

By Mardy Rathbun I am writing this article for the benefit of the newbies among you who may not recall my article from 2009 in which I explained how it was that I became a Grand Wizard of the tech. I am also addressing the few of you who seem to think that you have [Continue]

Marty Rathbun’s desperation to devalue the Tech

Marty Rathbun keeps looking for ways to dilute and devalue the Tech of the Scientology religion. Marty is such a putz that his idea of dissemination is to throw away a Scientology Handbook as trash, and when the trash collector happens to read it and express interest, Rathbun has a revelation that people can read [Continue]

LRH Declaration 1983

The document below was posted as a comment in a response to one of my posts a few days ago. It is that important a document that it should be presented as its own posting where it is more visible.  This document alone deals with a large percentage of the lies that the squirrels are [Continue]

Mark Rathbun’s hero

David Mayo was the first  independent squirrel. Just replace the name Mayo with Mark Rathbun when you read the below issue and you’ll see what L. Ron Hubbard had to say about this: EXECUTIVE DIRECTIVE SO ED 2344 INT                                          [Continue]

Could it be Mark Rathbun the squirrel?

The below is quoted from Grant Cardone. “There was once a young man who was gifted with the ability to speak, persuade and move people. Rather than using his gifts to improve conditions around him he used his gifts to criticize what others had done or not done. “The people became so riveted by his [Continue]

The Squirrel Master and One-valued Logic

Several weeks ago I wrote an article about Mark (Marty) “Marcus Brutus” Rathbun’s inability to evaluate, called Rathbun Can’t Evaluate. Everything he has done and written since that time simply re-enforces that statement. The simple fact of the matter is that Mark Rathbun cannot think logically or clearly on the subject of [Continue]

The Butcher?

The Butcher?

“The reason why squirrel groups fail in the first year or two is the alter-is and abandonment of actual tech plus guilt. Here the cases, if handled at all, get butchered.” From HCO PL 20 July 1970 – TECHNICAL CASES AND MORALE OF STAFF [Continue]

Is Mark Rathbun running his own op?

Someone copied an article from this blog and emailed it to Mark Rathbun’s juniors.  Of course Marty takes the opportunity to falsely accuse Scientology of attacking him. However, word on the net is that Rathbun is doing this to his own fellows to gain their support and “prove” that he is under attack by the [Continue]

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