Tiziano Lugli – another of Marty Rathbun’s Sirens

Below is the content of an email I received.   I have left it exactly as it came in – the message is clear even if the syntax is colorful.



Please excuse my not good English, I am from Brescia, Italy.  You can correct the English if you like before you publish this.

I am writing you because Tiziano Lugli and his parents are not been honest. I have known this family for long time. The family have the delusion they are celebrities but they are not.

Tiziano is a minor singer who escaped Brescia and he is in Hollywood. He thinks he is a famous singer and musician. No one in Italy or internationally never heard of him.

Tiziano is the second son of Italian unknown fashioner designer Claudio and ex, not famous, photo model Renata Lugli.

The trouble in the Lugli family is Tiziano. Tiziano is suspected of not paying tax when he was in Brescia. He was gambling and incurring many debts without paying them. Not paying child custody to his ex-girlfriend.

There is more. I think it was 2008 when Tiziano divorced his first wife who he had been married for two years.  He also cheated his ex-wife out of money he borrowed, lived out of her income and used her to obtain a card to stay in America before he divorced.

When Tiziano worked with a friend of mine in a restaurant he ripped off some people.

Tiziano obtained a 20,000 Euros personal loan with the bank Cassa Padana. My friend was a guarantor for the loan. My friend told me that Tiziano paid some of the debt but not all of it.

Tiziano obtained another 20,000 Euros personal loan with the bank Antonveneta. He was referred to this bank by a girlfriend of me. Tiziano never paid that loan.

Tiziano lived in Brescia on Piazza del Foro. He lived in an apartment but never pay the rent. He left Brescia and never paid.

A courier service sued Tiziano because Tiziano had shipped a certain number of his demo CDs to promote himself as a musician, but he never paid the shipping. When the courier service called Tiziano on the phone, Tiziano pretended to be his father Claudio telling the caller that “Tiziano is abroad”.

When Tiziano lived on another apartment in Brescia, he put a different name on the door so that he could not be found by the creditors. When Tiziano left Italy because of his debts and creditors a big pile of bills and creditors letters were found in the fake name mail box he had.

According to friends of the family Tiziano’s mother in law is upset that Tiziano is unemployed. Apparently Claudio and Renata told Tiziano to get a job. This ended in a fight. Claudio and Renata left Hollywood without waiting for the birth of their grandson.

Here in Brescia the Lugli do not have a very good reputation. Claudio doesn’t speak to his sister any more because of business problems. Claudio fashion design shop was shutdown many years ago and people that worked for him were left without a job and they were never paid. Claudio then went to America and there he borrowed a lot of money which he never paid back. His business failed in America and he went back to Brescia, Italy. In the old days Claudio and Renata were selling pots in the street markets and they don’t like to talk about that because it ruins their “celebrity” status.

I can tell you much more but I don’t have time now. I will write to you again with more stories.

Camillo Benso